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Reviving the Family Table: How Our Pierogi Foster Togetherness


In the fast-paced modern world, where screens often take precedence over conversations, the dinner table has become more than just a place to eat – it's a space where connections are nurtured, and memories are woven. At Olitory, our mission is to reignite the tradition of gathering around the table, and today, we're excited to share the inspiration behind this mission and offer tips to make mealtime a cherished tradition in your own home.

The Lost Art of Togetherness

In a world that's constantly buzzing with distractions, the value of sitting down for a shared meal can't be overstated. Our inspiration stemmed from a longing to bring back the lost art of togetherness, to create moments where families reconnect, share stories, and truly engage.

The Power of Shared Meals

Shared meals have a unique magic – they're not just about nourishing our bodies; they feed our souls. Our own experiences around the family table taught us that some of life's most meaningful conversations and connections happen over a plate of food. We wanted to extend that warmth and connection through our pierogi.

Tips for Crafting Cherished Mealtime Traditions

  1. Set a Routine: Designate specific meal times that work for everyone's schedules. Consistency helps everyone anticipate and prioritize mealtime.

  2. Unplug: Make the dinner table a screen-free zone. This encourages focused conversations and ensures that everyone is present in the moment.

  3. Involve Everyone: Engage family members in meal preparation. Whether it's choosing recipes, helping in the kitchen, or setting the table, everyone's involvement fosters a sense of ownership.

  4. Share Stories: Encourage storytelling during meals. Prompt questions like "What was the best part of your day?" to spark meaningful conversations.

  5. Candlelit Dinners: Once in a while, switch off the main lights and enjoy a cozy dinner by candlelight. This simple act adds an air of intimacy and specialness.

  6. Themed Nights: Experiment with theme nights – from "Taco Tuesdays" to "International Fridays." It adds an element of excitement and variety.

  7. Family Recipes: Incorporate family recipes that hold sentimental value. Sharing the history behind each dish adds depth to the meal.

  8. Gratitude Ritual: Before digging in, take a moment to express gratitude. This practice encourages mindfulness and sets a positive tone.

  9. No Distractions: Keep distractions like phones and gadgets away from the table. This ensures that everyone is fully engaged with the conversation.


At Olitory, we don't just create pierogi; we craft opportunities for families to come together, share love, and create lasting memories. Our inspiration lies in the belief that the simple act of sharing a meal has the power to transform relationships. As you savour our pierogi, know that you're not just enjoying a delicious dish; you're taking a step towards nurturing bonds and making mealtime a cherished tradition in your own home. So, set the table, gather your loved ones, and let the magic of togetherness unfold.

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