polish brick oven with cooking pans and laundry on display

Our Story

The Journey of Our love of Pierogi started years ago, standing alongside Babcia (Nanny) Krysia as she lovingly prepared the fillings. Mixing and rolling out the dough was a family affair, and together, we filled each dumpling with nostalgia and joy. Around the brick oven, laughter filled the air as we reminisced about cherished moments and simply enjoyed the process. Our mission is to infuse every bite of our pierogi with the essence of those times, sparking memories of your own childhood and gently nudging you to cherish life's little treasures that often escape notice.

(The image on the left shows our family's original brick oven.)

Every Olitory creation is a labour of love. Handcrafted using premium ingredients, our frozen pierogi embody the essence of authenticity and quality. We fold memories of childhood comfort, global wanderings, and sustainable practices into each dumpling, ensuring that every bite tells a flavorful story.