Sustainability and the Enviroment

At Olitory we believe in crafting not just delicious food, but a better world. Our commitment to sustainability echoes through our eco-friendly practices, thoughtful packaging, and zero-waste ethos. With each pierogi, you savor not only incredible taste but also the satisfaction of making a mindful choice for the planet.

  • Carbon

    Our goal is to achieve net zero status by 2030.

  • Waste

    Our goal is to adopt a circular economy approach by minimizing waste and maximizing reuse.

  • Nature

    Our commitment is to safeguard the natural environment and promote a future where wildlife thrives.

  • Culture

    Our goal is to incorporate environmental sustainability into all aspects of our business. We aim to promote sustainability through education, engagement, and effective communication.

SME Climate Hub

We are a proud member of the SME Climate Hub, a global initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build more resilient businesses. 

Through the SME Climate Hub, we commit to lowering our impact on the environment through authentic action, halving our emissions by 2030. 

In making the commitment, we have joined the United Nations Race to Zero campaign.

We are proud charter members of The Shropshire Good Food partnership.

The charter sets out our vision for a more sustainable, equitable and resilient food system.

We pledge to make changes in our business to help drive food system change in our County. 

  • Recycle

    All our cardboard tubes are fully recyclable, biodegradable and contain recycled material.

    As long as the cardboard is clean and dry then you can place it inside your recycling bin.

    Recycling cardboard is that easy!

  • Environmental Inpact

    Our cardboard tubes are manufactured from mixed sources, with each cardboard tube containing 70% recycled material and 30% from either reclaimed material or managed forest.

  • BPA Free

    Our Tubes are BPA free.

    Some people are concerned about BPA’s ability to leach into foods and beverages, and some research suggests that BPA exposure may lead to a number of health problems.

  • Reuse

    Why not repurpose, refilled or reused our tubes after you have eaten all your pierogi.

    This further reduce the environmental impact.

    Why not try to use them as plant pots or pencil cases.

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  • Recycled

    100% felted sheep’s wool which is washed in a natural process, scoured then sealed within recyclable industry grade micro-perforated polyethylene wrap.

  • Designed for Delivery

    Proven to keep food contents within various temperature windows, in Chilled, Ambient and Cold chains, for at least 24 hours and in many cases, much longer.

    Rigorous testing to industry standards.

  • Sustainable

    Wool is one of the most sustainable natural materials, being available in abundance as a by-product of rearing sheep. The wool insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.

Carbon-neutral shipping with Shopify Planet
Carbon-neutral shipping on all orders

We clean up after ourselves.

E-commerce deliveries have a carbon footprint. That's why we support cutting-edge companies that remove carbon from the air.

Here's how it works: For every order we receive, a formula is used to calculate the estimated shipping emissions. Based on those estimates, a portion of our revenue goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct.

Those companies use that money to remove however much carbon our shipments created. Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies.

Let's meet a few of the companies removing carbon from the sky.


Heirloom's direct air capture technology enhances the carbon mineralization process. Heirloom's technology speeds up the rate at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂ rather than using energy-intensive fans to draw air in.


Remora captures CO₂ from semi-truck tailpipes as they drive, with the CO₂ destined for long-term storage.


Charm captures CO₂ using plant waste, converts it into a stable, carbon-rich liquid, and safely stores it deep underground—out of reach of wildfires and soil erosion.